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Welcome to OAI-PMH Harvester Manager Project.

OAI-PMH Harvester Manager is an implementation of Open Archives Initiative's Protocol for Metadata Harvesting with a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI).
It allows you to define as many OAI-Repositories as you like each also with different OAI-Sets, Metadata formats etc. You can also define a queue of one-time or regularly repeating Harvesting Tasks which will automatically execute the related OAI-PMH Harvester when defined execution time arrives.

To learn how you can use OAI Harvester Manager inside of an Internet Browser Window to plan, define and manage your harvesting activities please read the document: OAI Harvester Manager Web Based User Interface - Getting Started.
To learn how you can extend/modify the Manager for your own needs please see the Documentation for Developers like JavaDoc and Sourcecode.
You can also use our:
OAI-PMH Harvester Manager is originally developed by German National Library IT-Team for the harvesting activities of the library and published as Free Software as Defined by Open Source Initiative and distributed under GNU GPL v3. So please feel free to improve it. We will be thankful if you share your improvements with us.

The source code is commented completely in English but the user interface is in German. It will also be a great help if you translate it in your language.
You can mail directly to the project lead Kadir Karaca Koçer using the internal mailing function of SourceForge.

How can I use it?

Every institution using OAI-PMH to collect metadata can use the OAI-Harvester Manager. In most cases only things you have to do are: If you prefer to use a Relational Database the Database must be initialised too. Installation is a little bit tricky if the provided functionality does not satisfy your needs. In that case you have to implement one or both two Java Interfaces yourself to get the desired functionality. This is the normal situation for institutions which plan to use harvested data in production systems. Then the save() method of the interface de.dNb.oai.harvester.export.DataReceiver must be implemented in a way that puts your data in your production system!

Documentation and Screenshots

Six Screenshots are already available. (Unfortunately SourceForge allows maximum 6!)
There are other (higher resolution) screenshots and a step-by-step explanation in the document: OAI Harvester Manager Web Based User Interface - Getting Started.
To get into programming you can use directly the JavaDoc.
Other documentation will be available at our Documentation Page in SourceForge sometime in the future.


Sourcecode is released under GNU GPL v3 and can be downloaded from Downloads Page together with WAR file which also contains all required libraries.


The present OAI-PMH Harvester Manager software represents an experimental software (so-called "beta release"). The software and its specification may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information therein; these changes will be incorporated into new versions of the specification, if any. The usage of the software is at one's own risk. The Sourceforge project or German National Library in no event will be liable for any damages to hardware and software, lost data or other special, indirect, consequential incidential or punitive damages however caused, arising or related to any use of the specification or the software. See the chapters 15 and 16 of the licence.
In some countries, the cryptographical software or other components contained in the software may be subject to special export regulations or software patents. In such cases the software may not be distributed to and within those countries.

© Copyright 2006-2011 - Kadir Karaca Koçer, German National Library.

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